Tanya Taylor


Over the course of a year, the Tanya Taylor Marketing Team has needed to be creative about inspiring sales and communicating brand tone with limited financial resources for editorial photoshoots. While leveraging Tanya herself as an influencer, I worked with the team to develop solutions for producing other content for the business. It is important to Tanya that a delicate balance is achieved between elevated, real women wearing her clothes and cute, playful messaging that is intrinsic to her personality.​ Through a mix of curated influencers shooting at home, imagery shot internally, repurposed E-commerce images, and graphic treatments we have been building a visual language unique to Tanya Taylor that meets the company's financially conservative needs.

Art Direction, Casting, Photography (at times), Retouching, Graphic Design, Concepts

Photography featured: Sam Dietch, Siggy Bodelai

Women featured: Melissa, Essence, Lian, Eva, Yolande, Angela, Sam, Adda, Diamonde, Camilla, Mosha, Renata, Yasmin, and Gray