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Graphic Design: me

Since the launch of her brand, Tanya Taylor has been identified by retailers, customers, and press as striving to bring joy to women's lives. 

In the past her brand identity was elevated and clean, focused on painterly brush stroke imagery. This made sense as it alluded to Tanya hand-painting her prints in-house. However it read a little outdated and did not communicate Tanya's quirky, fun, and bold personality. There is a sweetness, femininity, and punchiness to her that makes her feel approachable -- not only to her customer, but also within the fashion community. 

My greatest challenge throughout the rebrand process, was balancing our customer's taste (happy, more commercial, and cute) with Tanya's penchant for art, trendy graphics, and minimal graphic design. My job was to marry both worlds so that our digital and print presence felt cohesive and communicated our brand essence: a contemporary fashion brand that is relatable and happy.  


My first step was selecting a color palette as our brand strongly believes in color therapy. It was important that it felt bright, modern, feminine, yet bold. I wanted the colors to feel fresh and work well across various platforms. I knew pink had to be one of our colors because Tanya loves it, however I was selective in choosing the right tone of pink. I went for a cooler pink with occasional lilac tones to break away from a more standard pink associated with other competitors. I paired it with a teal and bright orange so that I could have more modern and bold graphic opportunities that didn't feel too sweet.    

The second step was the adaptation of our Logo for social and print purposes: TT*dot*. I found our logo to be too serious at times for its purpose. When I first joined the team, I noticed everyone called our brand "TT" instead of saying "Tanya Taylor," so it felt like a natural approach. I paired it with a dot of color that can change with each collection so that we could provide our brand identity with some fluidity. 

Overall the branding was developed to make our "joy" more tangible to our customers while feeling elevating.