Art Direction + Graphic Design 

Fall 2020:

Lookbook Video Series


feb. 2020

Art Direction + Intro Graphics + Subtitles + Set Design: me

Creative Direction: Tanya Taylor

Talent featured: Jane Krakowski, Michelle Buteau, Sasheer Zamata, Zosia Mamet, Gillian Jacobs

Director: Evan Jon Yonigkeit

Written by: Samantha Shanker

Directed and Produced by: Evan Jonigkeit

Casting by: Jill Demling 

Styling by: Rachel Pincus

Fall 2020 had Tanya and our team asking the question: how can we use the fashion week platform in a way that felt more natural to us as a brand?  The lack of personal touch in fashion presentations seemed too far removed from our brand DNA. So, we contemplated alternative narratives and mediums in which we could present this collection.


The follow-up question was: "What makes us happy?" Tanya believes fashion should be fun. And after a team brainstorm we agreed that female comedians embodied our joie de vivre. Some of our strongest supporters are comedians and so this felt like a natural collaboration. With a strong cast of talented women written by Tina Fey's company Little Stranger, we created a video series called #FASHUNWEEK as a lighthearted parody of the week itself. Let's be real, its funny. 

Due to a tight production timeline and budget, I got to be heavily involved in the art direction of the videos, the graphics, and set design. Understanding Tanya's message for the collection, I felt inspired by Vogue's Florence Pugh video and the aesthetics of Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola. Quirky, charming, bright with a light retro flair. From there, I worked closely with Director Evan Jonigkeit to create a quick, impactful opening sequence. I wanted a musical intro that spoke to the skit with the talent's action or face becoming a bridge to the title graphic. 

In terms of set design, I worked closely with our Design Team to source materials to turn our office meeting room into a NYC apartment and a building lobby into a red carpet event.