Art Direction + Graphic Design


A Social Media Series


mar. 2020 - ongoing

Art Direction + Graphic Design: me

Series branding (name): Emily King

March 2020 was a strange time that called for everyone in NYC, and around the world, to isolate at home due to a global pandemic, Covid-19. 

Feeling sad, anxious, and scared were all natural emotions most individuals experienced (and still experiencing), including myself. During this time, I felt it was important for Tanya Taylor to truly embrace its mission of joy. Thats how #happyframeofmind came about. 

I've always loved collaging, especially digital collages, and changing people's perspective of a visual norm through that process. The concept here specifically was to turn sad, austere, or bored historic paintings (mostly of women so far) and make them happy with color and/or Tanya Taylor prints. 

I am looking to maybe sell them on Etsy in future. Stay tuned.