Art Direction + Prop Styling

Fall 2020:



feb. 2020

Art Direction + Prop Styling: me

Creative Direction: Tyler Rose

Photography: Heather Gildroy

Talent featured: Jane Krakowski, Michelle Buteau, Sasheer Zamata, Zosia Mamet, Gillian Jacobs

Fall 2020 had our team asking the question: how can we use the fashion week platform in a way that felt more natural to us as a brand?  The lack of personal touch in fashion presentations of the past seemed too far removed from our brand DNA. So, we contemplated alternative narratives and mediums in which we could present this collection. 


After a team brainstorm we agreed that female comedians felt most aligned with who we felt embodied our general spirit of joie de vivre. Some of our strongest supporters are comedians and so this felt like a natural collaboration. With a strong cast of talented women written by Tina Fey’s assistant writer, we created a video series that curated specific looks to match hilarious skits of the women “live" from Fashion Week. 


Our imagery needed to allude to the videos but stand strong alone. Budget was a large contributing factor in the Art Direction and so Design Director Tyler Rose and I decided to make use of our sets (our office, the streets, residential building we were filming in) as effortless backdrops. I produced a custom gradient canvas as a stand alone seamless in order to offer a visual break from the busy cityscape and draw out the collection’s color palette. It also served as a motif tying all the images together. 


The concept was to have these funny woman “caught in the moment,” showing the happy imperfect reality of being on a set. Fashion should be fun.