Art Direction + Graphic Design + Retouching + Video Editing

Holiday 2020: Lookbook


may. 2020

Art Direction + Graphic Design + Retouching + Video Editing: me

Design + Styling Direction: Tyler Rose

Photography + Women featured: Diamond Mahone, Camilla Engstrom, Mosha Lundstrom, Renata Zandonadi, and Yasmin Geurts

Coronavirus halted "normalcy" for all of us. So when it came to presenting Tanya Taylor’s Holiday 2020 collection, we shifted gears and thoughtfully considered cost effective and safe solutions.


The joy of getting dressed up inspired this collection. The pieces bring joy and creativity. The colors are reminiscent of lipsticks in beautiful shades of rouge and pink, while the silhouettes are fun with an elevated sense of humor. 

As we are social distancing, we wanted to re-contextualize these party dressing pieces for a party in your living room. The concept morphed naturally into: “All dressed up and nowhere to go.” I wanted our women to feel glamorous, silly, and joyful in their own style. I wanted them to feel beautiful and empowered at a time when perhaps no one is feeling like themselves.

I assisted PR with casting, prepared briefs for styling and art direction, directed our cast of women via Zoom conversations, edited their images, prepared all assets and contributed to our Sales platform, Joor. We wanted them to remember the reason they entered fashion: the joy of clothing.