The World Residences at Sea

 Client  Personal Project

Category  Editorial 

Year  2016

Role  Graphic Designer, Copywriter 

The World Residences at Sea is the only private residential community-at-sea that sails around the world year-round. I worked onboard for two years yet understood early on based on client feedback, that the brand was outdated and needed to attract a new kind of prospective buyer. 


The circular horizon logo represents “the world,” a reference to the ship’s namesake, with a horizon at the center, separating the sky from the sea. It is filled with meaning and therefore carries a lot of potential to push creative boundaries and drive intrigue in potential buyers. 


Inspired by this horizon logo, I devised a tagline to reflect the company’s mission of providing an exciting yet luxurious lifestyle to its Residents: “every week, a new horizon.” By using the word “week” as a unit of time, I subtly address The World’s unique ability to stay in ports for several days (as opposed to a cruise ship’s usual one-day stop-over). This tagline is not only accessible to prospective Residents interested in purchasing an apartment onboard, but also to current Residents as they can complete the message with layers of their own experience. 


My inspiration for the graphics came from travels while aboard The World.