Art Direction + Set Styling

Pre-Fall 2020: Lookbook


nov. 2019

Art Direction + Set Design: me

Design Direction: Tyler Rose

Photography: Heather Gildroy  

Stylist: Rachel Pincus

Hair: Allen Wood 

Makeup: Van Truong

Models: Ines, Adot, Melissa

We approached this lookbook by taking cues from the collection's inspiration, female artist Lee Krasner. It was not only her painterly style that inspired Tanya, but also the woman she was and her studio space, located in a remote area of the Hamptons. 


The juxtaposition of Krasner's abstract-art-filled house to its natural setting encouraged us to peel back the previously overly stylized set design of former lookbooks and return to basics. This collection is about participating in the narrative of a woman who colored outside the lines in her own effortless, unique style.


Using a simple, clean industrial setting not only allowed the prints to shine, but also draws our attention closer to the models’ empowered yet playful attitudes. Painted raw canvas occasionally makes occasional appearances to remind us Lee Krasner’s influence as well as the brand’s connection to art. Hand painted in our office by Tanya and I further contributed a layer of meaning to this set with women coming together to have fun and paint. 

© Claudine Fernandez portfolio 2020

graphic design - art direction