Tanya Taylor

editorial imagery

The goal is for imagery to feel effortless yet aspirational for a customer who loves color, prints, and having fun. As the Jr Art Director I collaborated closely with the Design Director to curate references, co-produce, and direct on-set for imagery to reflect the brand's new ethos and bring a collection's inspiration to life.


I work closely with our photographers to test different lighting opportunities and moods. For indoor shoots, I also transitioned to cleaner sets, more considered props, relaxed yet joyful body language, and capturing mood imagery to further communicate a collection's story and the brand's point of view.

Art Direction, Creative Direction, Props

Photographers: Sam Dietch, Heather Gildroy, Emily Soto

Women: Ines Lopez, Angela Pham, Alyssa Vigueras, Carmen Fozzard, Mollie Papouloute, Lillian Charlotte, Jane Krakowski, Michelle Buteau, Sasheer Zamata, Zosia Mamet, Gillian Jacob, Adeng Nyamam, Violet Threlfall, Brynn Bonner, Eva Kay, Diamond Mahone

Styling + Design Direction: Tyler Rose + Tanya Taylor