Art Direction + Production + Casting

Ecommerce Imagery



Art Direction: me

Design Direction: Tyler Rose

Production: Emily King

Photography: Siggy Bodelai

Models featured: Izzy Pawline, Sophie Olszak, Eva Kay, Hayley Foster, Alejandra Cardonaca, Jess Larsen

When I joined the team, Ecom imagery was good but I saw room for improvement. Its limitations were that it didn't provide enough storytelling (1 front shot, 1 side shot, and 1 back shot) and it featured inconsistent seamless backgrounds which made it challenging for PR to get placed with stylists or editorial roundups. Additionally, uneven lighting didn't always showcase the prints/colors in the best way. Lastly casting also lacked a little diversity and personality. 

My goal was to take all senior leadership needs into account. Design Director Tyler Rose wanted the imagery to reflect our higher price point as a contemporary fashion brand, whereas Sales and Marketing wanted content that felt aligned with our brand DNA, happy and approachable. In conclusion, the imagery needed to be aspirational yet commercial. 


Aesthetically, I was drawn to a soft gray light that felt bright yet diffused. Not only did this shift in lighting elevate the imagery to better reflect our higher price point, but it also made the clothes feel lighter and brighter. I chose a light gray seamless background to appeal to PR's needs. This color also removes distraction from the product and our bright prints. 

In terms of posing, it was important our customer could understand each product immediately but still feel inspired. On social media, she tends to gravitate towards "happy" imagery and a lot of movement. She likes to feel like she can access Tanya Taylor as a brand and person while still feeling like she is being trendy. I used those social cues to direct ecom posing. Although most poses are straightforward, I encouraged models to be as natural and happy behind the camera as possible. A range of expression and slight movement shifts were subtle changes that made the product more marketable. 

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