Pippin Drysdale

 Client  Personal Project

Category  Branding 

Year  2017

Role  Graphic Designer 

Pippin Drysdale is an award-winning ceramic artist based in Perth, Australia. She is known internationally for her vibrant and refined vessels inspired by the patterns and colors of Australian landscapes. Pippin is elegant yet unconventional, minimalistic yet unafraid of boldness.

It was important for Pippin’s identity to reflect her work’s inherent contradictions in a harmonious manner. I achieved this by juxtaposing a white concave form—reminiscent of her vessels—to a textured gradient inspired by individual works from Pippin’s varied collections. I developed 12 such gradients that could be freely interchanged for collateral materials. Pippin’s brand should be as colorful and diverse as the works she creates.

Her logotype makes use of a timeless aesthetic through the elegant Cormorant Unicase. With its tall accents and small counters, this serif typeface is handcrafted and inspired by the traditional, stately Garamond. It sets Pippin up precisely as a contemporary artist whose art explores a traditional craft.