Pardon my Jouy

 Client  Personal Project

Category  Pattern Design 

Year  2017

Role  Graphic Designer 

Toile de Jouy, also called Jouy Print, refers to the pattern printed on cotton or linen with designs of landscapes and figures popular in18th-century France. If you have ever been to Versailles, it is often spotted decorating its walls, dresses, and bedspreads. The pattern often depicts romantic scenes, of couples sharing an intimate moment or men courting a woman. 

I grew up in France and my bedroom was designed head-to-toe in Jouy Print. I guess its always been on my mind since then. But recently it occurred to me that there are rarely fun, modern, or non-romantic scenes in the Jouy Print style.


As a collage enthusiast, I wanted to explore this pattern in a playful, contemporary style that could appeal to today’s individuals. I took it upon myself to explore non-romantic themes by sourcing royalty-free vintage etchings of robots, mermaids, witches, and children to create whimsical, almost non-sensical narratives. I believe these patterns can heavily influence those who surround themselves in it, whether it be a child or an adult. And as a dense and rich pattern it is fun to let one’s eyes wander as they construct their own story. 


The product specs can include wallpaper, linen, office decor, notebooks, and collateral.