Mom Blossom

Client  Achel Hernandez

Category  Brand Identity, Copy, Illustration

Year  2016

Role  Graphic Design, Illustrator, Copywriter

Pregnant mothers-to-be want to feel safe, empowered, and beautiful. Mom Blossom's brand identity is designed to articulate the safe environment every mom needs. 

Mom Blossom is a Miami-based doula service committed to helping women of all backgrounds through their birth and post-natal experiences. Achel Hernandez, the face behind Mom Blossom, believes every woman who wants a doula deserves one. She is committed to ensuring all mothers have the exact birth experience they want while being informed and cared for.

The Mom Blossom identity needed to reflect Achel’s vision by imbuing a sense of trust. The logo is a nod to the “blossom” in Mom Blossom, featuring ornate petals that come together around a baby nestled inside. It alludes to the gestation process inside a mother’s womb, showing how Mom Blossom can make the birth experience feel safe and calm.