Ferrari USA

Brief  Develop a paid ad campaign for the Portofino model

Category  Social Paid Video Ad Campaign

Year  2018

Role  Creative Strategy, Brand Strategy, Creative Copywriting, Storyboard Episodes 

The Portofino is the lighter, faster, and more affordable model specifically targeting first-time buyers and women. The Portofino not only sustains Ferrari's aspirational sense of luxury ownership, but now it also appeals to a wider range of lifestyles. It is spacious enough for a growing family, weekend getaways, or cross-country adventures. Its the sports car for the everyday. Ferrari USA wanted to tap into this new customer pool through an accessible, yet on-brand, social campaign. 

I collaborated with the Creative Director to develop the Open Up concept. In addition to ideation and storyboard creative writing, I cast influencers, researched a competitors benchmark, and identified Ferrari Portofino's target personas.

Open Up Tour is a series of short episodes that speak to Ferrari's willingness to "open up" to new lifestyles and influencers in the digital space. In our concept, the Portofino model hits the American open the road to show what its got. Vignettes of Ferrari connoisseur James Walker interacting with other influencers across the country combine adventure, amusing anecdotes, and poignant observations that allude to all of Portofino’s selling points.

Paid Ad Campaign Pitch

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