Tanya Taylor

brand identity

Tanya Taylor is known for its bold prints, size-inclusive messaging, and playful visuals. In recent years the brand pivoted towards a more commercial strategy supported by more basic, trendy art direction. In 2021 a new brand re-positioning strategy was devised to return to the contemporary fashion space. The brand was identified as "modern feminine" with art and joy as its primary values. I was tasked with developing a visual direction that communicated our brand as modern, feminine, artful, and playful while still being commercial. 


To tap into our customer's keen interest in our beautiful fabrics and our "behind the scenes," craftsmanship and styling were to sit at the core of our communications. The goal is to let the product shine and communicate the joy in wearing Tanya Taylor as a modern woman.


I opted for a fresh visual inventory of primary colors, minimal set design, crisp lighting, mood inspiration, bold still life imagery, and collaged motifs. This Art Direction coupled with concise, uplifting storytelling felt like the right mix between aspirational and personal.

Art Direction, Graphic Design