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Biomimicry student show

Annual exhibit at Brown University's Science Center featuring student work embodying 2014's show theme, Biomimicry.

Exhibit Identity


As a student and the on-campus curator + designer for Brown University's Science Center, I had a dual role of understanding the student experience as well as creating an experience on behalf of the university. Specifically, it was my role to not only advertise for submissions, review the submissions for final selection, and produce the show but also to create the student show’s visual identity.


With the theme being biomimicry, I wanted to draw focus to the concept: designs and systems emulating nature. As RISD and Brown students began submitting art, fashion, engineering projects, architecture models, kinetic sculptures, furniture, photography…and more, I realized just how expansive and complex the theme was. The challenge was to communicate the breath of submissions and the concept in a digestible way.


To address this challenge I created a visual language that would pique curiosity but also create a direct path for understanding through iconography. I designed icons representing the addition of two elements per project submission: the nature by which the project was inspired by + the field in which the project sat within.


A neutral, earthy palette softened and unified all projects under a single visual umbrella, communicating the tone and elegance of Biomimicry as a concept.


Providence, Rhode Island



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