Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Brief  Develop a drive-to-store paid ad campaign with an in-store activation 

Category  Social, Experiential 

Year  2018

Role  Art Direction for Concept #1, Creative Strategy, Creative Copywriting

Status  Not produced for budget reasons

Aux Merveilleux de Fred is a French artisan pastry brand that specializes in the merveilleux pastry. Merveilleuse is French for "marvelous". However, it is also associated to the ladies in scandalous modern fashions who romped through the salons of Paris in Post-Revolution France. The merveilleux's delicious fusion of meringue and cream is so decadent, that it is the embodiment of its namesake. The winning concept (#1 -"I'm Feeling Merveilleux") plays on this history as it juxtaposes a luxurious French aesthetic to a playful, light tone. 

My work included steering the brainstorming session, creative copywriting and copy editing, in addition to conceptual ideas (both verbal and visual) designed to generate buzz and brand awareness for the brand new store opening in New York. In our second round with the client, they wanted to refine my main full contribution: Concept 1, all the while pushing for a more tailed influencer casting. 

pitch 2: concept #1

* Some images featured in this presentation are not original and were not used for commercial purposes.