hi, hola, bonjour

I'm a creative who knows how to wear a lot of hats.


I am currently working at an international boutique advertising agency. But it wasn't too long ago when I was sailing the globe on the world's only privately owned luxury cruise ship, MS The World. For two years "home" was where the anchor dropped and I loved it. I visited nearly 50 countries and explored some of the world's most remote locations.


With ship life though also comes pirates, firefighting training, stormy expeditions, sea sickness, no weekends, tight quarters, strict hierarchy...I could share all the gory details but I feel the drama and intrigue portion of this About Me will surely follow as a book one day. #staytuned #ad

Brooklyn, New York

Miami, Florida & Paris, France (I am French-Cuban-American)

English, French, Spanish, Mandarin

Brown University;
BA in Comparative Literature and Visual Arts, magna cum laude 

Experience in   
Creative Strategy, Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Copy Editing, Storyboards, Content Production, Art Direction, Photoshoots, Prop Styling, Integrated Campaigns, Influencer Marketing, Influencer Casting, Desktop Publishing, Presentation Decks, Brochures, Logos, Experiential Activations, Event Design, Event Production, Account Management, Client Services


Hospitality, Maritime, Travel, Beauty, Fashion, Pet, Automotive, Technology, Culinary 



From creative strategy to content production 
to graphic design to copywriting and more–

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